Do you have toxic people in your life that are draining your energy? Causing you drama and seem purposed to destroy your inner peace? Are you finding it difficult to break away from these toxic people? Do you desire to live your life full of joy and purpose?


Let me show you how to empower yourself and take control of your life.

Through this blog post  I will share with you:

  • How I stopped being hard on myself
  • How I stopped wasting time with the wrong people
  • How I got connected to people that pushed me to the next level
  • How I learned to value myself again


To be able to lead your success to the success level you will be satisfy with , kicking toxic people out of life is one thing that you must do. Toxic people lack the ability to manage their behaviours and they lack any emotional intelligence. See below how I am dealing with toxic people.


I stopped being hard on myself!

I stopped accepting labels other people were giving me. I decided to stop allowing my self worth be connected to what other people thought. That is their view. I stopped accepting their lies and connected to my inner truth. I decided it was my view that was most important. That’s when my life changed and I released the toxic people in my life. Whom were so poisonous they wished me dead. These people were determined that I was not going to make it without being in a relationship with them. But I thrived once I released what was no longer serving my highest good.


I stopped wasting time with the wrong people!

The greatest decision of my life was to stop wasting time with the wrong people. I separated myself from the people who were not adding good into my life, and separated myself from those who added nothing but negative energy and drama. I made a conscious choice to no longer care if they spread lies or talked badly of me. I knew the truth. My inner truth set me free. I consciously chose to leave behind what did not serve my highest good. I refused to give in when they tried to get a foot back into my life, and I kept the door closed. I very deliberately and consciously stopped wasting time with the wrong people.


I got connected to people who pushed me to the next level!

Once I chose to stop giving my time to the wrong people, I purposed to surround myself with others who where chasing their dreams, who were living their lives with purpose, who would in turn encourage me and push me as I strive to live my life purpose. See, the pain of my past connected me to my future. I learned what my values were. I felt confident in who I was because I started listening my inner truth. I now approach people with confidence and have become an influencer. I use the pain of my past to empower others today. You can too.


I learned my value!

It’s easy to feel your life is a mistake when you experience so much pain. It’s easy to feel worthless because of the circumstances you may be in at the moment. I know it was for me. However, as I learned to listen deeper to my inner most self & my inner truth, I understood something profound; everything happens for a purpose. I know that can be hard to accept when the circumstances are so bleak, but there are no mistakes.  My birth is not a mistake. I was not created by a mistake. My life has value. Even the pain of my past has value for the lessons it has taught me. I learned to value myself in a way I never had before. I have found when I don’t value myself, no one will value me. When I know my value and treasure it, so do others.


Thank you so much for reading and we can’t  wait to get to know you.


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