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PWC is an international career/business networking platform for women in the UK and worldwide founded in 2019. We bring together professional and aspiring professional women both physically and virtually with the goal to support one another, encourage social cohesion, promote a collective welfare, and a sense of belonging.

We hold circle meetings , where our women meet to share, learn, engage  with one another.  Meetings are held monthly in a private and safe space. Our members are women who want to share their voices with others and also with the world. They want to make real difference in their lives and in their communities. Our members have the passion, power and inspiration within them and are supporting one another in achieving the goals they’ve always wanted in their personal and professional lives.


  • They are taking back their power and creating the lives of their dreams.
  • They’re fully utilising their gifts.
  • They’re part of a community, a part of a movement and requires other professionals like you to invest in this beautiful movement.

We work closely with organisations across the globe that promote empowerment to women, supporting women to be leaders in their personal and professional lives and identifying as outstanding professional women.
We promote employment retention and career advancement by providing networking opportunities and career resources in a safe, supportive environment

PWC International is for women with background in areas such as:



Social Care







In fact, Membership into the Professional Women’s Circle is open to women from all industries and background who want to develop a strong lifelong network.


  • We also encourage women who are studying in universities to join us.
  • For the career women, we support and inspire you to excel in your career.
  • For the business women, we support you to kick start your business and grow your business with 100% support from fellow circle members.
  • For your personal live,  we offer support , and friendship.
  • To supplement your social life, we celebrate with one another during good times and support one another during bad times.

Why not join us:

Our women come to our meetings with many issues on their minds and in their hearts. We help women to process their thoughts and feelings to achieve their goals using self leadership. Our meetings/seminars and retreats are usually facilitated using circles, where we support women so that we can better  communicate and solve problems  and to build stronger  and healthy relationships with each other. At the end of  our meeting, we  each share three words that describe  our experience of the circle  for the day. These meetings are led by our lovely facilitators.

We are here to serve the new kind professional women, women that’s willing to step into  our  circle model, willing to step into a community, willing to step into seminars, willing to join  our coaching programs, it’s a new way of being for you, i.e to be a coach, a speaker,  an expert that is respected not  the one that is bullied  in corporate environments.

For us, it’s really about the movement and the message in the vision.

Our services are based around Self Leadership  which represents an outcome for  our  clients.  It also represents a movement to us, and it’s in sync with everything we’ve sharing with you  up to this point which is the representation of who our professional women are to become – the New Spotlight Professional capable of leading themselves unapologetically.

There’s a new kind of professional women in the world and it’s you!

  • You have skills to teach other.
  • You have  work experiences and life lessons to teach.
  • You have a message to share with humanity.
  • You can build a professional brand.
  • You can attract high quality clients.
  • You can earn multiple streams of income, travel around the world, doing what you love, and making a massive impact in the world.

Are you a professional lady that wants to make a difference or change a life?
Do you have a message to share to the world?

But this starts with you changing your mindset!

It’s a woman that wants to stop being the best kept secret in the field. It’s the professional that says, “I have a real voice and message inside of me and it’s time to stop starving myself and actually get paid for my worth“.

We are the new kind of spotlight professionals who are proud of what we do . This is because we serve and build personal and professional relationships with love.

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