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The new kind of   professional women with the power to transform the world:

  • We sit in a circle and our conversations are genuine and authentic.
  • We don’t think about what to say because what we discuss is actually what is going on with us. 
  • We are non judgemental and everyone’s input holds equal importance.

The circle form is non-hierarchical-everyone’s input holds equal importance.

As professional women, we are getting  back to basics. As women we have always been the ones to carry the world’s burden!

This time around, we are taking time out, to reflect, re-frame our mindset share and listen to other perspectives because together we can achieve outstanding results.

  • We connect with each other in a deeper way
  • We move away from the semblance of  friends who are just acquaintances, to those you can call your family
  • We fill the need that even girlfriends can’t
  • We learn new ways of speaking, listening, and relating to others

Research shows that as a whole our social connections are declining. Many women are  finding themselves without strong social support networks.

We have a big event coming up in September 28, 2019 for a Professional’s Summit! Get in touch if you want more information.

Visit Our Events Page to See All Our Upcoming Events!

There are more detailed specifics about our circle, and please follow us so you are kept updated about what we are up to. If you will like to become a member of PWC, then please forward a request to [email protected]

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