Principle 1: Getting 8 hours sleep every day. There is a time to eat, work, cry and when it’s time to sleep, go to bed and sleep. Think about this every day, say it yourself, to your friends, your family, colleagues etc that no matter what I may be going through, when it’s time to sleep, I must sleep.  At first it may be very difficult but as time goes on, it will be your new norm.

Principle 2: Not to be distress about a situation for more than 30 minutes. Thinking or worrying about a situation will not change. What makes the situation change is your actions. If you have to think, send your time thinking about an escape route and take the shortest route possible.

Principle 3:Meditating on a daily basis, by spending time to slow it all down. Fall in love with your self-care. Knowing what to eat and why you eat it. Starting your day with gratitude and end with gratitude. Getting excited about your day and do something amazing. It has a positive effect on your body which allow you to be what you want to be. Switch off your phone two hours before going to bed.

Principle 4: Be aware of things that irritate you that takes you away from being your best self.

Principle 5: Paying attention to what you watch, and only watch things that will add value to your life.

Principle 6: Surrounding myself with people that can hold you accountable and people that you learn from that will allow you to grow.  Growth is not meant to be easy but it is fantastic as it allows you to be whoever you want to be.

Principle 7: Creating your internal atmosphere so that you can be able to control the external. You don’t have to be the victim and making excuses about why you can’t do something.

Principle 8: To be a high performer, you have to be the very best you could be.  It’s not about comparing with anyone, it’s about you. You can change the rules, you don’t have to be limited by average. Do whatever you can do to be better. If you are not comfortable, it’s because you are growing.

Principle 9: To have self-acceptance and self-improvement, yet having compassion with yourself. When you take care of yourself you show up to most people in a powerful way.

Principle 10: Aligning yourself with your dreams and hitting your targets

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